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I sent Nick an e-card just to let him know I'm thinking about him. It had a really cute little lion cub on it and said "You make me feel all warm and fuzzy."

I found out last night that he's into light bondage and stuff, which is cool because Cliff and I are too. He joked that he'd pay me to work him over with a flogger, which might indeed happen without him paying me. :D I think this is really going to work out nicely, assuming he and Cliff hit it off. But I think they will. They have a lot of interests in common, and while Cliff is mostly straight, I think he could come to care for Nick too, if in a somewhat different way than I'm coming to care for him.

The only fly in the ointment as far as I can see is that Nick is black, and Cliff and I are white (well, I'm part Cherokee, but mostly white), and my parents will not be thrilled. But fuck it. I'm 32 years old; I can do what I damn well please with whomever I damn well please. And my parents don't need to know that Nick has joined Cliff and me in our relationship; as far as they're concerned he can be our roommate, a friend who needed a place to stay while he finishes college.

I talked to my friend whom I fear is suicidal. He just got some good news that seems to have improved his mood and situation considerably, so perhaps I don't have to worry about him quite so much. I sent him an e-card too, just to let him know that I'm his friend and I'm here for him when he needs a friend.


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