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I slept late today and I'm afraid I missed Nick on IRC. I hope I didn't. Or, if he was on earlier and gave up on me showing up because I slept late, hopefully he'll log back in.

Nick and I sort of fell into a cyber sex thing in private messaging, and it was SOOOOO hot. I think he'll be a very sensual and passionate lover, and that matters to me in a relationship. (Cliff is a good lover too.) I think I could easily come to love him, without taking anything away from my love for Cliff. And I think he and Cliff will get along nicely. I need to get them acquainted to see how it's going to work on Cliff's end. Intelligent and sweet and funny and sexy, and willing to be part of Cliff's and my relationship? What more can a girl ask for?

Mike emailed me that he isn't feeling well today, so he's not in chat. I miss him but I understand about feeling like shit.

Jen's bridal shower is Saturday. I have to call her and find out where she's registered so I can buy her a present on Friday when Cliff gets paid. (She and Rip are handfasted, and are getting legally married in October, but they call each other "my husband" and "my wife", and they are married in their own religious paths, just not in the eyes of the government.) I just text messaged her to find out where she's registered. She usually returns a text faster than a phone call anyway.


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