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May. 30th, 2008 02:16 pm
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Now that it's getting to be summer time, I'm experiencing a desire I've had every summer for at least ten years, and I haven't done it yet.

I want to get all my friends together, dress in ratty clothes over swimsuits, buy a bunch of Super Soakers, and have a huge Super Soaker war.

I'm 32 years old and what I really want to do right now is go have a giant water-gun fight.

Silly, isn't it?
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My friend Kevin just cracked me up.

He tends bar sometimes, and he had a bad night last night, to which he referred as Stupid Friggin' Wacko Night.

That just made me damn near fall out of my chair laughing. I don't know if it's that funny or if I'm just tired and giggly and it hit me the right way to send me into a giggle fit.

(an hour and a half later)

Kevin has now made reference to Stupid Friggin Wacko Driver Day and called me a Stupid Friggin Wacko Wench (after I called him a bastard, messing around).

(two hours later)

[13:11] KEVIN Okay, gonna get the mail and then take a nap. See you in a few.
[13:11] ME Okay, I think I might take a nap too.
[13:11] KEVIN :)
[13:11] * ME hugs KEVIN bye for now.
[13:12] KEVIN *StupidFrigginWackoHugsDay*
[13:12] ME LOL
[13:12] KEVIN hee hee hee
[13:12] ME Is that hugs for Stupid Friggin Wackos or from them? :D
[13:12] KEVIN Pick one. Or, maybe both?
[13:13] ME Yeah, maybe both! :D
[13:13] KEVIN :D
{13:13] * KEVIN waves goodbye to all as he steps on the portal and disappears in a shower of obsidian and silver sparks....
[13:13] ME Go take your SFW nap.
[13:13] KEVIN lol
[13:14] * KEVIN Quit (Quit: SFW alert!)
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I am nowhere near ready to be married again.

Cliff (my boyfriend of just over two years) has been asking me to marry him for over a year now, and I keep saying no.

I'm not very impressed with the institution of marriage in general. Of the married couples I know, only one has a relationship that I find to be in the least enviable. (That would be my aunt and uncle, my mother's younger brother.) And I probably find their relationship enviable because I don't know that much about it.

The three marriages I know best are my mother and my stepfather, my friends Tiff and Beau (who live across the courtyard from Cliff and me), and my friends in England (who are coming to Florida next week, so I get to see them yayayayayayayayayayay!!). My mother hides so much from my stepdad that it's not even funny, I'd kill Beau if I were married to him, and I wonder how my English friends haven't smothered each other in their sleep yet.

Plus, my own marriage was an unmitigated disaster; the only good thing to come out of it is my daughter. Emotional abuse, financial woes, pissed-off family, marital rape, drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal depression on my part and a suicide attempt on his, threats upon my life at the end, you name it. The only thing that didn't happen was he never hit me.

But what proves that I am nowhere near ready to be married again is this.

Tonight I went out with friends to a restaurant and then to a bar/nightclub-type place. There was a young man there whom I didn't know but my friend Mark knows quite well. This young man was, to say the least, pretteh. Tall (probably 6'2" or 6'3"), slim, dark haired, and a recently retired professional ballet dancer. And, if you'd believe it, heterosexual.

Oh, and REALLY friendly.

As in, all but sat in my lap, and did bluntly invite me to grope him. (Which, of course, being naughty, I did.)

This being an SCA group, a lot of flirtation went on. The young man removed his shirt whilst playing pool in the bar, and I was...very distracted. And of course, this being an SCA group, the flirtation doesn't necessarily mean jack shite.

But oh my was I thinking naughty thoughts.

The kicker is, Cliff probably won't give a shit that I groped this guy; if he'd been there, he'd probably have dared me to kiss him or nibble his neck or something. (He was at work, and so didn't join us, although he is part of this social circle too.) The worst I'll hear about it is some teasing.

But if I can't keep my hands to myself, I am SOOOOO still in that single-girl mindset.

(And he had such a nice bum, too. Dancer's physique...yum! *fans self*)


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