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I finally went back to the sewing machine and finished the damn chair cushion for Bill. So now he can sit comfortably in his recliner and it doesn't look trashy because there's this big foam rubber pad in the way.

I wasn't sure it was going to turn out right, but it did except the cover is a little larger than the foam rubber pad, but if it were much smaller, I wouldn't have been able to get the cover on the pad.

I have some garb I should finish sewing, but it's not time critical as I'm not going to have the dosh to make any SCA events any time soon, so I'm not too concerned about it. I just need to add some buttonholes but I don't know where the buttonhole foot is, and I'm tired of sewing right now.

Time to chill for the night.
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No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth.

We've been having computer problems and I've been busy IRL and I haven't gotten online much in the last two weeks or so.

I've been doing a lot of sewing and cross-stitching; I finally finished the damn log on the wolf family cross-stitch project, and now I'm working on mama wolf. I also sewed some garb (SCA clothes, medieval-Renaissance type thing) for a friend of mine. I messed up on her bodice, but the chemise and skirt came out just fine. (Chemises and skirts are easier to sew than bodices, and more forgiving of minor errors; in fact, I can't think of a type of garment that's easier to sew than a skirt.)

I haven't been feeling too wonderful for the last couple of days (upset stomach and fatigue), but at least today I got out of bed and came in here to fool with the computer.

That's all that's going on with me, really.
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I'm to see my nurse-prac today. I really wish Cliff would go with me; I don't want to go by myself, not because of the nurse-prac herself, but because I'd like him to talk to her, so she gets a point of view other than mine.

He wants her to change my meds, so I think he should go with and explain why.

Maybe I'll manage to talk him into it in the next few hours. He's napping now, having just come off a 24-hour shift and a two-hour class after shift on the new Zoll monitors they're getting. At least the Zoll guy brought doughnuts. *grin*

Apparently, in addition to needing a tortilla press (because according to Cliff and almost everyone else who's eaten them, my homemade tortillas are way better than store bought), I need an egg-poaching frame so I can learn to poach eggs. Sad as it is, as much as I cook, I only know how to scramble, hard-boil, and devil eggs. I have no idea how to fry or poach them, or do much else except scrambling, boiling, and deviling (and adding them to pancakes or cake or other yummies). However, my scrambled eggs are awesome, and my deviled eggs die a swift death every time I make them. I made two dozen eggs (that's 48 deviled eggs) for game night on Saturday, and they were ALL GONE within an hour. Five people ate almost fifty eggs within an hour. Damn, y'all. I'm just glad I only had to sleep with one of you. *grin*

My poor sewing machine is in the shop; the needle thread tension knob fell off while we were moving, and it won't stay in place. Hopefully, the machine shop can get it to behave, because I have stuff that MUST be sewn before Halloween (costumes for my daughter and her best friend), and stuff that I just plain want to sew.

I've started doing my calligraphy again. It feels good to have inky fingers again. I might actually start going back to scribal tea and stuff, too. Dunno yet. It will depend on when the next one is and whether I feel like going at the time.
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Well, I am officially out of fabric to sew.

I don't remember the last time I didn't have at least a project or two half-completed in my sewing box, but I don't any more.

Holy shit.

Cliff now has three pretty dhels, a black, grey and red print with matching trousers, and a red one with blue trim and and blue one with red trim. All I have to do is insert elastic in the waistband of the trousers and put frog closures on all three of them.

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to shorten my pink tunic dress and re-do the patching on Cliff's sister's jeans, and then I'll have nine zillion other things to do.

I have sewn my poor little fingers to the bone. *G*

But now I have an excuse to buy more fabric. I swore I wouldn't buy any more fabric until I finished the stuff I had, but now I have finished it, so I can buy more fabric.

Sewing needs:
Two underskirts (for lavender and red cotes)--cotton
Sideless surcoat not made of velveteen--linen
Three or four pairs of bloomers--muslin
Three or four pairs of trousers--cotton or linen
Plaid wool short cloak--need black duck for lining
Two more veils--sheer linen

Three or four more regular dhels--cotton or linen
Six pairs of trousers to go with dhels--cotton or linen
Four to six muslin underdhels
Mongol-style felt hat with fur trim, maybe two

Sewing wants:
Green linen cote
Blue silk brocade cote
Gold raw silk sideless surcoat
Red silk brocade cote
Violet velvet greatcloak--will need black duck for it too

Blue silk brocade dhel
Blue raw silk trousers
Red silk brocade dhel
Natural raw silk underdhel or two
Winter dhel of heavy cotton or linen with fur trim

I also intend to sew some mundanes for myself, and a dress for Nancy (Cliff's sister) as either her Christmas/Yule or birthday pressie from us.
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We got the place!!!!

Which means we can get out of this POS apartment and into a lovely nice place. I'll post pics when I take some.

In less wonderful news, I'm managing not to kill Cliff's family only by power of benzodiazepines. My nurse-prac prescribed .25 mg of Klonopin for me, which helps me sleep and keeps me calm enough to do what I need to do to keep my house running semi-normally.

Cliff is working my nerves a little, because I've been spending almost all my time of late taking care of his family, and when I ask him to do something (like get me a glass of tea), you'd think I'd asked him to pull out all his teeth and make a necklace of them for me.

I'm going up to Mom's house tomorrow to sew. Blessed quiet!! I sewed a lot on Saturday too; I finished my daughter's blue tunic dress, hemmed my kirtles, mended my chemise, and sewed Cliff's first dhel, mostly. The dhel is prettier than expected, but I was using it to make sure the pattern worked and to work out kinks, so it has served its purposes and then some.

I have to finish the dhel (recut the sleeves and put on the trim) and sew the other two dhels for which we bought fabric ages ago.

After that, I will have run out of sewing projects, so I'll have to go buy more fabric. *grin*

I need underskirts for two of my kirtles (which came out too short) and a few pairs of trousers to wear under my long tunics and Cliff needs muslin undershirts to wear under his dhels. He's just going to have to wear regular t-shirts for now, until I can buy the muslin.

I also need to make my Halloween costume. I'm going to go as a (rather full-figured) mermaid, so I have to make myself a tail. The party we've been invited to is adults-only, so my hair will do for the top half of my costume.

Then I want to sew up some mundanes; I bought a pattern for an outfit (a tunic top and trousers) that I want to make a few copies of just to wear. The outfit looks super comfy.

I'm tired; it's past my bedtime. *yawn*


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