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So yay, between me and college, the paperwork snafus got unfucked, and school started today.

This class is going to kick my ass, but I need an ass kicking, at least of this variety. I'm going to be one busy bee. It's Anatomy and Physiology 1, and it's a LOT of material. My gods, I had no idea there were this many words for body bits.

There's also some chemistry involved in the physiology part, and I never took chemistry. Shit, biology and physics were YEARS ago for me. Yes, I managed to take physics without taking chemistry. Paperwork-type snafu at my high school. I went to take chemistry my sophomore year, and I got sick that year with mono and dropped it, so I was going to take it my junior year, but the sections filled up before they got to my name (my surname starts with P, so it's a ways down the alphabet, and they did sophomores first because it's really a sophomore level class), so they stuck me in physics. By my senior year, I had Steph, so I didn't want the hassle of a lab class, so I never went back and took chemistry. Now I'm kicking myself for not at least taking it in college. I was tempted to but I went the easy route and took biology, which I aced in high school, and aced again in college. I should have bitten the bullet and taken chemistry for non-majors.

Anyway, I re-read chapter one (the introduction and vocabulary) and read chapter two, the chemistry chapter. I also printed up this neat little study guide the professor had available online for chapter two, because she's NOT GOING TO COVER IT in class.

Ye gods, the internet makes school a lot easier. I remember when I started my BA, back in 1993, email was a snazzy supernew thing, and a lot of us only had our school emails. Now everybody's got four email addresses (kidding), and there's this thing called Blackboard, from which we can download a lot of the documentation we need for class. I could have downloaded the syllabus before class ever started, if I'd known.

I have to get a lab manual, which I didn't know I needed when I got my book check from SDC. So now I have to go price it and ask them for another check so I can pick it up.

Anyway, that's all the excitement hereabouts.
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So I've been trying to register for class, and it keeps telling me that I've got a hold on my class registration. I called to find out what the hell was going on and they said that it was because FSCJ hadn't finished evaluating my transcript from CofC, but that it would be done by this week.

I tried to register. The frelling hold is still frakking there!! WTH? And I can't call to find out now what until tomorrow.

Hell's bells!


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