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Ohai, y'all. :)

Here is my new-to-me car.

I gave her the name Ciaran, just because I like it. I think it's a cool name and she's a cool car. She has leather interiors, a power sunroof, power driver's seat, a CD player with a jack for an mp3 player, and she's just really cool. If Ciaran will make it a couple of years, to get me through stenotype school and working again, that'll do nicely. She's nice and clean and I think she's pretty. Oh, she also has tinted windows, what my family (particularly Mom) calls dope-smoking windows, LOL.

I've shown her to my friend Autumn, yesterday, but the rest of my friends haven't seen her yet. Stephani likes to drive her, because of the iPod jack. She told me, "you suck!" when I told her about the iPod jack. :)

She's all insured and registered and good to go.
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Hey, y'all! Bill found me a car! I can finally retire the poor 626 that has 239,600-something miles on it.

It's another 626, but newer and with fewer miles and nicer. We go to get it tomorrow morning.

So I get a new-to-me car! Of course, now I will have a car payment to make. It'll be cool, though.

In other news, I decided, rather at the last minute, to do holiday cards, so if you want a holiday card from me, even if you think I have your address, post it to this entry. I'll screen the comments so that nobody sees your address but me. A lot of my stuff is in storage right now, and I've misplaced a lot of people's addresses. So I will sign them with my calligraphy stuff and mail them out, probably this weekend at some point. I don't mind sending cards overseas, so if you're somewhere besides the US and you want a card from me, that's cool.


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