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Completed prompts for the regular challenge. Incomprehensible titles are likely in Dutch.

A Book...
  1. recommended by a librarian: De Offers
  2. that has been on your TBR for way too long: -
  3. of letters: -
  4. an audiobook: -
  5. by a person of colour: Parable of the talents, The moor's account
  6. with one of the seasons in the title: Winter
  7. that is a story within a story: Magpie murder
  8. by multiple authors: -
  9. an espionage thriller: Empire Games
  10. with a cat on the cover: De oorlog van de Lulu's
  11. by an author with a pseudonym: -
  12. a bestseller from a gnere you don't normally read: De ontdeugende hertogin, The heart-shaped box
  13. by or about a person who has a disability: Borders of Infinity
  14. involving travel: De weg
  15. with a subtitle: De schoonheid van de echtgenoot, een fictie essay in 29 tango's
  16. that's been published in 2017: Empire games, Het eind is ons begin
  17. involving a mythical creature: Percy Jackson and the lightning thief
  18. that never fails to make you smile: -
  19. about food: Love soup
  20. with career advice: Diep Werk
  21. from a non-human perspective: Saturn's Children
  22. a steampunk novel: -
  23. with a red spine: Noodweer
  24. set in the wilderness: Vernietinging
  25. you loved as a child: Artemis Fowl
  26. by an author from a country you've never visited: Nexus, De koffer van de leraar
  27. with a title that's a character's name: Tamara Drewe
  28. set during wartime: - 
  29. with an unreliable narrator: -
  30. with pictures: Tamara Drewe, Black Orchid, De oorlog van de Lulu's
  31. where the main character is a different ethnicity than you: Parable of the talents, Tas van de leraar, Saturday's kinderen
  32. about an interesting woman: De groep, mijn geniale vriendin
  33. Set in two different time periods: -
  34. with a month or day of the week in the title: Saturday's kinderen
  35. set in a hotel: -
  36. written by someone you admire: Pluche
  37. that's becoming a movie in 2017: -
  38. set around a holiday other than Christmas: Vriendschappelijk vuur
  39. first book in a series you haven't read before: List en Leugens
  40. you bought on a trip: -
27/40 prompts fulfilled. Sometimes a title fulfills more than one prompt, sometimes a prompt has more than one title that fills it. I'll think of a reporting solution for this at some point in this year. 

There are also a number of advanced promts:
  1. A book recommended by an author you love: -
  2. a bestseller from 2016: - 
  3. A book wih a family-member in the title: Saturday's kinderen
  4. A book that takes place over a character's life span: -
  5. A book about an immigrant or refugee: De ambassade van Cambodja
  6. A book from a genre/subgenre you've never heard of: -
  7. A book with an eccentric character: 
  8. A book that's more than 800 pages: currently reading
  9. A book you got from a used book sale: Borders of Infinity
  10. A book that's been mentioned in another book: 
  11. A book on a difficult topic: 
  12. A book based on mythology: Percy Jackson and the lightning thief
 4/12 prompts fulfilled, 5th prompt fill underway. 

GYWO June 2017

Jul. 9th, 2017 08:23 pm
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A lot belatedly, my stats for June. I got a new job, which is fantastic, but boy, does it show up in my productivity, which was... uneven to say the least.

Words written in June: 8815
Percentage of monthly goal: 144%
Total words written in 2017
Percentage of annual goal: 85%

Break down in projects:
  • Original Project #2: 2605
  • The Hour Drabble: 300
  • Godling AU: 750
  • Elementary poly fic: 554
  • Dydia ficlet: 901
  • Derek & Scott ficlet: 1035
  • Chris/Victoria fic: 1838
  • Chris & Noah ficlet: 832
In other news: I need to start polishing up some of the ficlets I wrote for 7 Days 7 Stories to beta-readable and eventually publishable fic.


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