Oct. 2nd, 2010

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I started a series about a year ago on my political blog called Crazy Does Not Equal..., inspired by the following. I used to attend a DBSA (Depression-Bipolar Support Alliance) support group, and one time, we had nursing students in the group to observe. The facilitator went around the room and asked if we had anything to tell the nursing students about psychiatric nursing from a patient's point of view. I told them, "Crazy does not equal stupid. Do not treat your patients like they're idiots because they're mentally ill." The incident stayed in my mind, and when I started following the political blogosphere, I got really annoyed at how people will throw around "oh, well, s/he's crazy" to explain all sorts of asshattery. So I started blogging about it.

I've done Crazy Does Not Equal Violent, Crazy Does Not Equal Stupid, ...A Joke, and now ...Of Poor Character. I'm planning more in the series, and I'm also thinking to do an article about the families and friends of people with mental illnesses from their perspective. I've already written on how to react if someone you love tells you s/he has a mental illness.

Anyway, it just registered on me that I hadn't written anything here about the Crazy Does Not Equal series in a while or even about the blog at all.


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